Sellar Policy

Seller Policies

Seller Policies & Basic Info

Welcome to Carnival Shop. Your Privacy is Important to us, we are never going to share any of our seller details with anyone. However, We Can give details in case of scam to buyer

Now here are some Condition & rules for Vendors. 

Vendor Eligibility

If you want to become a Vendor at FIRSTGET Shop then you must be:-

  1. Your Age Should be 12+ Year Old
  2. Must have time to complete your Orders.
  3. You must know Proper English. So that you reply to Customer Questions.

Type of Sellers 

There are 2 type of sellers at FIRSTGET Shop i.e New & verfied Sellers.

Who are new sellers ?

- New sellers ( those who just joined and not even a members from one month.. You can see seller joining date from his/her profile )

Rule for New sellers

New sellers are allowed to sold only one month validity ( or less )  premium account product.. 

Here are some FaQ:-

  1. What if new seller add more than 1 month validity product? 
     # Our AI program keep monitering new seller product adding activity so in that case we can give a notice to seller. In some cases our system may not able to recognize seller activity. So web members can report us about that...
  2. What if new seller sold more than 1 month validity product on site? 
    # In that case we will warn seller strictly & if next time he/she do same then we will ban his/her account without any payment.. ( Note: Seller payment will go in pending list till we confirm buyer that he/she really want that accont or not)

Trusted Seller

We have create proper trusted seller list here ->>

Note:- 7 days threashold is compulsory for each orders 

Order Completing Timing 

After Customer Order Something from your Store then you have a maximum 24 hours to complete that order. If Vendor did not complete it within Given time period then the money will be refunded to the Customer..

Out of Stock Product get purchased

If a Customer purchased that product which you don’t have in stock but you forget to do changes in the website and you got Order of that product only then it that case money will be refunded to the Customer.

Other Rules:-

Selling Your Product in Personal

You are not allowed to sell any of your products to FIRSTGET Shop User in person. If we find that you are selling anything to Our Customer then will give you a warning. Also if you do the same next time then your account will be removed from site.

Abusing Our Customers 

Abusing any users or forcing them to buy personally is strictly prohibited

Replacement & Refund Rules

As Per Our Replacement Polices we hold customer money only for 7 days. After giving your payment we are not responsible for Ccustomer refund or replacement. It's all will done by you (vendor). 

Note  :- If you Don't replacement or refund then please write it in Your product description so that all buyers can see it.. 

Vendor Commission & Payment Rules

Currently we are taking only 8% of total Vendor Balance as Our Commission. FIRSTGET Shop gives Payment on Daily Basis Also Minimum withdraw limit is only 49INR.

Note : After Vendor request for withdraw. We will take max 3 days to complete it.

Seller should have minimum 49rs in his/her wallet for withdraw. 

Which Type of Product that vendor can Sell?

Well, You can sell any digital Product like Netflix, Online Courses etc, But you are not allowed to sell Physical Carded Product.

Note:- If you are not active or your are completing your then we have full right to close your store.. { All data will be save we will just hide your store from site }

Contact Information

If you need any type of Help then you can simply Contact us here -  or on Telegram - @firstget_shop

# Sellers are not allowed to do promo of any other website or content. Promoting led to direct account suspension without notice.

We can Change our policy anytime without Notice*